Certification Authority offers a full range of services related to the use of digital signature (EDS).

As part of Certification Authority use specialized software and hardware solutions provide a high level of reliability of information security.

Provision of electronic signature includes:

- reliable means of digital signature;
- Service Certificate (form, block, update, cancel);
- Assist in the generation of key subscribers;
- Provide information on the status of the certificate subscriber;
- Provide time stamps;
- possibility of cryptographic protection of information transmitted over a public network, due to directional encryption;
- full-time service to a subscriber;
- Advising applicants.

Using EDS in the enterprise application systems (document management, e-mail, etc.). To accelerate the operation of transferring the documents to reduce paper workflow, improve the reliability of the protection information stored and transmitted information.

advantages of using a digital signature:

- Using one dongle for many systems;
- Internet banking;
- provision of electronic reporting;
- legal significance of electronic documents.